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Who else wants a LinkedIn profile that attracts hiring managers like a magnet?

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Are you looking for a job? Are you using LinkedIn as a tool to advertise yourself to MILLIONS of hiring managers - costing you nothing?

Did you know that 80% of employers use LinkedIn as a networking tool to find the best candidates.

If you don’t have a LinkedIn profile already then you need to get one now! If you do have one, is it representing you the way a great recruiter would? Is it selling you? Not Sure? Well, it’ s probably not.

There is an easy fix that will lead you to success. Watch this 60 minute, "LinkedIn Profile Tutorial for Jobseekers" video and you will have all the hidden secrets and tips that many executives pay $600 to get now (you’ll only pay $17).

LinkedIn Profile Tutorial for Jobseekers
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This new tutorial will help you sell you as the right person for the job - and it will get fast results. With LinkedIn fast becoming the most successful tool to finding jobs in today’s job market.

The proof is in the #’s. Each month more than one million people join LinkedIn and over 18 million within the year, there are now more than 65 million professionals on LinkedIn. This makes LinkedIn one of the top jobseeking tools out there. And the success stories don’t fall short of expectations. After creating LinkedIn profiles, 33% of applicants yielded immediate results while traditional resumes returned a mere 20%.

Listen to how the LinkedIn Profile Tutorial for Jobseekers helped a jobseeker like you!

(Crystal G. Texas)

All you have to do is follow Peggy’s step-by-step tutorial to make an irresistible profile for your prospective employer. Her tutorial gives you all the tools that you will need to seal the deal and a LinkedIn profile is a must in this job market.

Peggy gives you these critically important tips to:

check mark Choose the right industry (it may not be the one you are in now)
check mark Use the summary (this is very important)
check mark Select a photo that best represents you
(it doesn’t have to be expensive)
check mark Emphasize what you have to offer
check mark Skip mistakes that could ruin your chance of getting noticed
(many people make these mistakes)
check mark Identify and use the 3 key tools of LinkedIn

This tutorial will provide you with the information you need to set up your profile, from start to finish. Peggy will also give advice on how to choose connections, create contacts and acquire great recommendations.

A LinkedIn profile give you access to a huge network of professionals - over 65 million - working in all manner of industries and geographic locations.

When you build your profile, you will be searchable by people in the network and by employers who are increasingly using LinkedIn as their primary source for finding highly qualified employees. And you can do all this in less than an hour.

LinkedIn Profile Tutorial for Jobseekers
buy now
( download the tutorial for jobseekers now for just $17 )

Listen, I can’ t think of any reason why someone would need to think about this, it's an absolute no-brainer.

You probably spend more than $17 on decent diner at a casual restaurant, certainly you spend more than that for one dress shirt.

Doesn’t it seem silly to even be thinking about whether or not you should invest $17 in bettering yourself and making sure that you profile on LinkedIn is developed in a way that will make you look like a sterling professional?

Even if you have been on LinkedIn and have developed your own profile and think it is really good, isn’t $17 cheap insurance to buy to make SURE that you have done everything that you need to have it right?

Don’t wait!. In one hour from now you can be confident that you know how to create a successful LinkedIn Profile for you. For the cost of your breakfast, you get the tools you need to get the job you want!

Customer Feedback - Jennifer Morris
"Honestly, I would have never been
able to do it without you"

"I’m just calling to tell you that I took your experience and advice, and I put it to work, and I’m so happy to let you know that this morning I accepted a fantastic job offer. The company that I accepted the offer from is a great fit for me, and I can honestly say I would have never been able to do it without you. I know I would not have been considered if it were not for your expert advice.
I started looking, actually, for a job in late May, early June of this year, 2009, and nothing was happening. I was doing the same old thing of applying online and waiting for a response. I got in touch with you on July 13th and in that one-and-a-half month time frame, I got more activity than I have ever had in any job hunting effort in my life.

This I can honestly say, Peggy, has been the most eye-opening experience, and I will definitely stay in touch with you in the future.

I cannot recommend your services enough to anyone who feels stuck in that day-to-day rut of looking for a job. I could not have done it without you."

Jennifer Morris
Medical Sales Candidate


In Jennifer’s own words!

If a recruiter asks you if you have a LinkedIn profile, what excuse do you have for why you haven’ t got one?

If you have all kinds of money and want to pay someone $600 to fix your profile, that is fine. If not, get Peggy’ s tutorial and have a professional profile in less than one hour!

Heck, even if you are going to pay a professional to develop your profile, why not spend the $17 to insure that you know that they know what they are doing? Plus OUR product is guaranteed. How can you lose?


Iron-Clad 365 Day Money Back Guarantee

guarantee seal"Iron Clad 365 Day Money Back Guarantee"

I’m never satisfied unless you are more than satisfied. So here is my simple ’no small print’ guarantee. Try "LinkedIn Profile Tutorial for Jobseekers" and put it through the wringer. Build your profile using all the tricks I give you - watch the video over and over and over again for a full 12 months.

You be the judge. If it doesn’t deliver everything that I have promised, or if you are unhappy with it for any reason at all, I will buy it back from you.Peggy McKee

I have no problem whatsoever making this seemingly crazy guarantee, since I’ve worked with candidates thousands of times using these same tactics -- I KNOW they work. Fair enough?

"You have my personal guarantee"
Peggy McKee
The Medical Sales Recruiter


Ok, I’ve told you all about our video and what you will learn. I’ve told that you will learn how to build a LinkedIn profile that will sell you, 24 hours per day, to the hiring managers on LinkedIn.

In this video I spend more than 74 minutes telling you step-by-step exactly what to put in your profile and how to do it. Even if you’ve never seen or used LinkedIn before, at the end of this video you will know more about building your profile than 95% of all LinkedIn users.

You have absolutely no excuse to not buy this product.

We accept most major credit cards (not Amex) and if you don’t feel comfortable using the internet to make purchases, you can call our office.

We’ve made it as easy as one, two, three:

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- I can’t wait to get "LinkedIn Profile Tutorial for Jobseekers"

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Sale Price - $17

Call us toll free to order:

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See you at the top!

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Peggy McKee

PS - My business partner is not happy with me selling this video for only $17. He’s given me only 30 days to sell it at this ridiculously low price. After that the price will go up - probably to $97! Don’t wait grab your copy of the tutorial right now before the price goes up.

PPS - If you aren’t reaching for your credit card right now, I’ve done something wrong. If you are serious about getting a job then you need to have a ’selling’ LinkedIn profile. Here’s my last incentive - get the LinkedIn Profile Tutorial for Jobseekers and I’ll GIVE you my podcast on professional references that sells everyday for $17. That’s makes a total of $100 in savings, but only if you act quickly - before my partner finds out.

PPPS. - Not ready to take the plunge, check out our other products or blog.


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